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First, I should tell a little about myself. I was born in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania on December 27, 1951. I took private art lessons from 1964 ’till 1970 from a great watercolor painter, the late Alice Welsh Jenkins, in Kingston Pennsylvania. I attended Wilkes College in Wilkes Barry, Pennsylvania from 1970 ’till 1972. From 1972 ’till 1975, I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts.  At MICA I was taught and mentored by Paul Moscatt and Joseph Fiore.

The subject matter for my work is the backcountry of both Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties in the State of California. I backpack through the local mountains carrying my sketchpad in my backpack. I have painted this area exclusively for 25 years; Van Gogh had Arles, I have Ventura. I use the Channel Islands, local mountains, streams and canyons as subjects. I usually depict what I call “God’s Country” in the early morning or late afternoon so I can take advantage of strong shadows.

I am always asked to identify the type of Art my Art is.  I call what I do Representational Expressionism.  I never try to explain my artwork; if I am successful as an artist, you the viewer should understand my work by seeing. I believe that any good work of art can and should stand on its own. I do use Color and Brush Work to express my feelings beyond the Pictorial Image. If you like what you see and want more! Click on the Subscribe Now button at the top of this page and submit the contact form, then I will put you on my E-mail list. Whenever there is new work or a show you will get notice and then can watch the evolution of my work.

Well, enough of that. The bottom line is either you like the work or not. I hope you like the work; I put my heart into it.

Robert Wassell

April 9, 2011


538 Self Portrait 9/13

538 Self Portrait 9/13

Art Resume
Robert Wassell

Regional landscape Artist specializing in the backcountry of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties of California. Also depicts California’s Channel Islands from inland and each other.

1. Featured Artist at Ventura Art Walk Spring 2007
2. Merit Awards Buenaventura Gallery.

1. One Man Show Benefit for Los Padres Forest watch, at Fox Fine Jewelry 210 Main St Ventura Ca
11/10/11 through 3/4/11 24 new works.
2. One Man Show at Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura Ca.
11/10/09 through 12/5/09 34 works all new.
3. One Man Show at the Harbor Gallery, Ventura Ca.
4/2/08 through 4/27/08 16 new works
4. One Man Show at Fox Fine Jewelry, 210 Main St. Ventura Ca.
3/20/07 through 5/22/07 12 new works.
5. One man Show at the Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura Ca.
6/28/05 through 7/23/05 20 new works.
6. One man Show at The ojai Center for the Arts, 113 Montgomery St. Ojai Ca.
6/28/03 through 7/30/03 22 new works.
7. One man Show at The Fine Jewelry Works, 210 Main St. Ventura Ca.
11/27/02 through 1/18/03, 14 new works.
8. One Man Show at the Buenaventura Gallery Ventura Ca.
10/23/01 through 11/17/01, 18 new works.
9. One Man Show at Channel Islands National Park Head Quarters, Ventura Ca.
2/1/99 through 4/30/99, 14 new works of the Islands.
10. One man Show at Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura Ca.
9/23/97 through 10/18/97, 16 new works.
11. One Man Show at The Buenaventura Gallery Ventura Ca.
7/26/94 through 8/20/94, 16 new works.
12. One Man Show at helen Wright Library, 57 Day Rd. Ventura Ca.
7/2/92 through 8/31/92, 14 new works.
13. One Man Show at Buenaventura Gallery Ventura Ca.
1/17/90 through 2/2/90, 16 new works.
14. One Man Show at Kings College, Wilkes Barry, Pennsylvania.
December 1975, 24 works.
15. One Man Show at Bertha B. Bartholomew”s, Baltimore Maryland.
January 1875, 10 work, portraits and still life.
16. One Man Show at Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore Maryland.
1974, 8 works all landscape.

1. The Harbor Gallery, 1591 Spinnaker Dr. Ventura Ca.
2. The Buenaventura Gallery, 700 East Santa Clara St. Ventura Ca.
3. Acclades gallery, 451 East main St. Ventura Ca.
4. Twentieth Centura gallery, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
5. Dow Art Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas.

1. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute Of Art, Baltimore Maryland, 1972 through 1975.
2. Wilkes College, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Fine Arts Major, 1970 through 1972.
3. Private Art lessons from Alice Welsh Jenkins in Kingston, Pennsylvania, 1964 through 1970.